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[Video] A Wonderfully Whimsical Wander Around Saigon

Here at Saigoneer, we would argue that you can never have too much whimsy.

Your definition of whimsy may vary, but this video from Duy Thanh Tran should certainly fit the bill.

Titled 'Sài Gòn Hơi Lòng Vòng,' the 1:45-minute clip takes viewers on a wander — largely around the Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street — through a fisheye lens attached to a camera stick held by the filmmaker.

Featuring flocks of pigeons taking flight, a young boy galloping down the street, vertiginous camera angles and a motorbike-based diversion to Turtle Lake, the video is fairly aimless; and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that when it's so much fun. 

Combined with some dynamic sound design, this is exactly the sort of light-hearted, joyous injection we could all use in our day as we struggle to get out of holiday mode. 

Check out 'Sài Gòn Hơi Lòng Vòng' below:

Sài Gòn Hơi Lòng Vòng from Duy Thanh Tran on Vimeo.

[Top image via Duy Thanh Tran's Vimeo page.]

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