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Saigoneer Sunday Rewind

Saigoneer's staff highlights their favorite articles from the past week.

These 8 Saigon Christmas Cinemagraphs Will Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Whether you enjoy Saigon’s frenetic Christmas energy or not, it’s impossible to escape the twinkling light shows in the city’s alleys, Santa impersonators and tinfoil snow.

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All In: Vietnamese Artists Put A Beautiful Twist On Playing Cards

With an obsession for peace signs, adoration for the hippie lifestyle and an open mind, two young artists, Đinh Công Thành and Ngô Đình Lệ Thuỷ, have started a creative project called “Bài Ta” (Vietnamese Playing Cards) adding traditional elements of Vietnamese culture to a deck of playing cards.

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12 Old Pictures of Christmas in Saigon

The brightly lit Christmas decorations of downtown Saigon seem to getting more elaborate each year. In the 1960s, though still a popular holiday in the South, Christmas was decidedly analog. The differences are clearly illustrated in a photo retrospective depicting the holiday in Saigon 50 years ago.

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Saigon Xưa: Young Artist Makes Incredible Drawings To Show Love Of Old Saigon

Although born in Ninh Thuận Province, Lê Hưng Trọng has grown intimately attached to his second home, Saigon. Working as an architect for past 3 years, he has put together a collection of drawings depicting his dreams and love for Saigon in his new book called “Sài Gòn Xưa.” Images within its pages show old Saigon and its subtle charm: the houses, the vehicles and daily life - simultaneously bustling and serene.

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Date With The Wrecking Ball: The Vietnam Railways Building

Featured earlier this year as a Saigoneer "Building of the Week," the 100-year-old Vietnam Railways Building at 136 Hàm Nghi is the latest of Hồ Chí Minh City's historic buildings to be threatened with destruction. Tim Doling takes another look at its history.

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OMG: Use Of Online Acronyms By Vietnamese Youth Blurs Linguistic Lines

Across the globe, the internet has brought about new ways of thinking, interacting and communicating. The latter has been a cause of concern for some in Vietnam who worry about the impact of popular internet acronyms on the country’s young who are increasingly using them in daily life.

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[Video] Pro Skateboarders Make An Epic Vietnam Road Trip

Back in 2012, Skateboarder Magazine sent a group of pro skaters on a motorbike journey from Hanoi to HCMC in a quest to find unseen skate spots throughout the country.

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