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Saigoneer’s 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2014

As the calendar is set to flip to 2015, we’ve put together a list of Saigoneer’s most popular stories from 2014. 

The scantily-clad models of VietJet’s photo shoot “leak” garnered the most attention and were followed up by old photos, new buildings, motorbike antics and street food.

Leaked Photos From Racy VietJet Photo Shoot Cause Online Firestorm

Last Thursday, images from an alleged VietJet Air promotional photo shoot featuring a number of lingerie-clad models were leaked and quickly went viral, causing an Internet firestorm.

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An Illustrated Guide To Vietnam's Motorbikers

If you spend more than 5 minutes on Vietnam's streets, you're bound to run into one of these characters.

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5 Of Saigon’s Best Streets For Street Food

Vietnam Coracle is back with a list of some of the best streets in Saigon to find plentiful bounties of street food with photos and a description of each, including recommendations of particular places to eat.

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21 Outrageous Photos Of Vietnamese Motorbikers

If you enjoyed our original illustrations of Saigon motorbikers, you’ll get a kick out of these real-life daredevils.

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These 17 Old Photos Show Life In Vietnam 100 Years Ago With Vivid Color

The last century has been one of immense change for Vietnam. It has been one full of occupation, liberation, war and peace. This set of vivid color photos taken between 1914 and 1917 by Leon Busy is the closest we’ll ever get to time travel (unless you have a time machine, of course).

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[Video] The Mì Quảng Song

Given the variety of Vietnamese noodles, there are plenty of contenders for the title of “best in show,” but for Jake Schofield, Phan Ngọc Hảo and Ashlin Aronin, there’s no debate.

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Vietnamese Bamboo Bar Makes “World’s Most Extraordinary” List

US website, Distractify, has listed Binh Duong Province’s Wind And Water as one of the “25 Most Extraordinary Bars To Experience In Your Lifetime.”

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10 Incredible Churches in Nam Dinh

While they get the most attention, the Cathedrals in Saigon and Hanoi pale in comparison with Nam Dinh’s. Not only does the province boast this magnificent architectural specimen, but also a plethora of beautiful basilicas.

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Construction Of Saigon’s First Metro Terminal In D1 Starts Today

It’s actually happening. After subtle hints over the past few weeks, authorities have announced that construction on the underground section of Saigon’s first metro line will begin today.

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[Video] Rap Video Shows An Expat’s Life In Saigon

A week after the release of “The Mì Quảng Song,” another expat has taken to rapping to show their love for Vietnam.

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