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Saigoneer Sunday Rewind

Saigoneer's staff highlights their favorite articles from the past week.

[Infographic] Vietnamese Only “Moderately” Difficult For Native English Speakers

Many foreigners living in Vietnam find Vietnamese a challenging language to master, often citing its many tones as the biggest stumbling block. According to the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, however, there are plenty of other languages that are more difficult to master for native English speakers.

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48 Hours In Tam Cốc-Bích Động

As you approach the small town of Tam Cốc-Bích Động, limestone karsts jump out of the endlessly flat terrain like monuments to the days of yesteryear.

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Saigon Xưa: A Closer Look At Lê Hưng Trọng’s Dreamlike Creations

Author and artist Lê Hưng Trọng picks his favorite illustrations from his upcoming art book, “Saigon Xưa,” to give us a closer look into these fairytale-like drawings.

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Old Saigon Building Of The Week: The “Y” Bridge

Built by the French during the latter years of the colonial era, Chợ Lớn’s “Y” Bridge became the focus of several important battles during the two Indochina Wars.

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Drone Video Captures Nighttime Traffic In Saigon

Over the past few decades, Saigon has spent a great deal of money upgrading its transportation infrastructure, specifically its roads (we’re still waiting on you, metro line).

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4 Great Places To Grab A Microbrew In Saigon

As we eagerly await the opening of Pasteur Street Brewing Company (we’ll be posting an article on these guys in the near future) it may be easy to forget that Saigon already boasts a few microbreweries, all located in District 1.

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Major Changes Announced For Vietnamese Phone Numbers

On March 1, Vietnam will change up the area codes of 59 provinces and restrict mobile phone numbers to 10 digits.

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