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Japanese Photographer Releases Photobook on Tokyo's Stray Cats

In Masayuki Oki’s book, when it comes to cats, personality is more important than typical cuteness.

Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki is an expert in cat photography, but not just any type of cat photos: Oki seeks to capture the most candid moments of Tokyo’s feline population, such as when they’re making funny faces, napping or fighting, reports Spoon & Tamago. He calls his subjects by the term of endearment busanyan, meaning “ugly cat.”

“I want to travel the country photographing all of Japan’s lovely stray cats,” he told the news source. Oki’s knack for getting as much character as possible from the critters’ daily interactions has already yielded him enough material to release a photobook, aptly titled Busanyan.

Check out some of Masayuki Oki’s adventures with Tokyo’s busanyan below.

[Photo by Masayuki Oki via Spoon & Tamago]

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