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On Loving the Saigon Zoo Despite Its Flaws

We’ve all wanted something we can’t have. Something we can see but can’t touch. Something dangled in front of us but just out of reach, like an especially succulent apple growing on a branch inches beyond a giraffe’s outstretched tongue.

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Get to Know Vietnam's 54 Ethnic Groups via These Adorable Emojis

If only these adorable emojis existed back when we were toiling over our geography homework years ago.

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How Famed Filmmaker Việt Linh Built a Family Around Art

“The lonely sound of a lute cannot cure your pain. You need Tơ’s singing to bring you serenity.”

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Saigon Postcard No. 25: Child's Play

Who builds Saigon's bridges?

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[Photos] From Bamboo to Altar: The Life of an Incense Stick in Vietnam

Vietnamese see the process of burning incense as a sacred ritual said to provide a bridge between the visible life of human beings and the spiritual world of gods.

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Nguyễn Đức Sơn, Eccentric Poet and Pillar of Southern Literature, Passes Away at 83

On the morning of June 11, poet Nguyễn Đức Sơn, pseudonym Sao Trên Rừng (Star Over The Forest), passed away at the age of 83.

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[Video] The Homeless Saigon Man Who Built a Home for Rescue Dogs

In recent years, uproar over the consumption of dog meat has culminated in demands for a national ban on the controversial dish, which some consider a traditional delicacy while others claim it is unethical.

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With No Foreign Visitors, Vietnam's Travel Sector Courts Domestic Tourists, but Is It Enough?

As the country slowly opens for tourism, are companies and people adequately prepared?

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Wealthy Vietnamese Spending Habits Include $40 Bowls of Kobe Phở and Castles

Vietnam’s rich sure know how to flaunt their wealth. While we know all about their fancy villas and luxury cars, VietNamNet recently took a closer look at some of the lesser known, extravagant items t...

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[Video] Incredible Timelapse: Saigon to Sapa

While there have been numerous timelapse videos made in Saigon, we’ve never seen one that captures Vietnam from north to south. Until now.

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Full Moon JoyRide @ The Bike Shop

If you like biking and beer this event is for you. This 15km ride, meant to celebrate the joy of cycling, kicks off at the Bike Shop in District 2 and anyone over the age of 12 is encouraged to ride ...

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[Slideshow] Views of Hanoi's Lakes from Above

We’re all about Saigon pride, but Hanoi definitely has us beat in one category – lakes.

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[Video] Twerking and K-Pop: Making Classical Music Cool Again, Kinda. (NSFW)

Leave it to the Koreans to employ Miley Cyrus’ favorite dance move, twerking, as the basis of choreography set to classical music.

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Source: World-Famous DJ Afrojack Coming to Vietnam in June

According to an industry source, Dutch DJ Afrojack, #7 on Forbes’ 2013 ‘The World’s Highest Paid DJs List’ and #9 on DJMag’s “Top 100 DJs” will be playing a massive show in Saigon this June. He would ...

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Reports: New $6 Entry Fee has Made Hoi An a Ghost Town

Last week we heard rumors that Hoi An has started to charge a $6 entry fee to tourists seeking to enter the city's old town. According to Kenh14, what we feared has become a reality - Hoi An is now a ...

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Event Rewind: Color Me Run

Late Saturday afternoon a quiet suburban area in Phu My Hung, District 7 was transformed into a rainbow of colour. An astounding 6,850 (aprox.) runners descended onto the outside arena near the Saigon...

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Acoustic Session @ Broma

From the organizer: Do you appreciate chill songs? Do you enjoy a night out with free live music? Don't miss out on the best Acoustic night in Saigon. 

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[Video] Monk Uses Impressive Meditation Skills to Ride Bike Without Hands

Since we’re unable to ride a bike with no hands in even the best road conditions, the thought of doing so on Vietnam’s unevenly paved streets strikes fear into our hearts. But when you are one with yo...

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Rumors: It Now Costs $6 to Enter Hoi An’s Old Town

In a move that’s sure to backfire, there are reports coming out of Hoi An that the city has started to charge a $6 entrance fee to access its famous old town area.

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[Video] Spectacular Drone Video of Saigon

Camera-mounted drones are kinda our favorite things in the world right now. Earlier this week, we posted a video of Hanoi captured from one of these flying wonders. In response, one of our readers tip...

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[NSFW] Mai Khoi’s New Music Video Will Have You Saying “What the Phở?”

We’re all for a departure from Vietnam’s redundant pop music but this new video from Mai Khoi might have gone a bit too far outside the box.

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Japan Mulls Waiving Visas for Vietnamese

As part of a plan to increase tourism revenue, Japan is considering waiving visas for visitors from Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

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Behind the Curtain: My Village

Aerialists flying through jungles of bamboo sticks, jugglers and acrobats delicately walking on movable bridges; twenty artists and musicians came together to reinterpret the daily life of Northern Vi...

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Facebook Causes More Problems in Vietnamese Schools

Yet again the use of social technologies in schools is making headlines in Vietnam as concerns grow about the number of students using Facebook to express dissatisfaction about their schools and teach...

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New Zine in Saigon is Seeking Writers and Artists

A welcome addition to the Saigon arts and culture scene, a new zine, Hem HCMC, is set to launch in May and is currently seeking contributing artists and writers.

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Saigon Gets its First Capsule Hotel

It looks like the capsule hotel fad has finally hit Saigon. The Hongkong Kaiteki has opened its first location on Pham Ngu Lao, offering cheap and, for some, slightly claustrophobic accommodation...

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Explore Hue’s Imperial City with Google Street View

It may not be as official or comprehensive as Google’s ‘Street View Treks’ of Angkor Wat but you can now take a virtual tour of Hue’s Imperial City thanks to

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Saigoneer Exclusive: Interview with the Director of 'Saigon is Happy'

Saigon is Happy became an instant viral hit when it was posted on YouTube last month, racking up over 100,000 views. We sat down with director, Thành Đạt Phan, to see what inspired the video, how he r...