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The Curious Case of Quy Hoà Leprosy Colony's Park of Busts

A delightfully bizarre place, Quy Nhơn’s Quy Hoà leprosy colony deserves exploration in full , but clustered in a grove of...

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A Visit to Vụn Art, Where Disabled Artisans Turn Fabric Scraps Into Artworks

Fabric scraps, often considered industrial waste, are “revived” by members of Vụn Art cooperative by turning them into intricate silk artworks.

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'Longings' Brings 22 Stories by Vietnamese Female Writers to the World

Where are all the female writers?

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Monotonous Viet-Dubbed K-Dramas Were the Soundtrack of My Childhood

When I was growing up, my family owned a broken TV whose screen would unexpectedly go black while the audio continued to play. Turning it off and on again a couple of times would fix the problem, but it was such a hassle that sometimes we just let it be. It was stationed in our dining room, and my parents loved putting on Korean dramas when we were eating. So whenever I reminisce about my childhood, the sound of dubbed K-dramas always plays the background.

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On Returning to K-Drama, the Glue Bringing My Mom and Me Close Together

Before Squid Game became an international phenomenon and put K-dramas on the world map, audiences in Asian countries including Vietnam were enthralled by Boys Over Flowers, The Medical Brothers, Terms of Endearment, Dae Jang Geum — all of which are classics that we still look upon with nostalgic affection.

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For a Horror Film About an Ageless Portrait, 'Mười' Hasn't Aged Well

It’s undeniable that Mười: The Legend of a Portrait has left a lasting impression in the minds of a generation of Vietnamese, as the first collaboration between Vietnam and South Korea’s cinema industries. Watching this contemporary classic in 2024, however, made me realize that Mười has not aged well.

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An Ode to Photo Booths, the Korean Trend Preserving Our Memories in Time

How can photo booths be a new trend if they’ve been around forever?

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Giang Còi, Hanoi's Beloved Actor and Comedian, Passes Away at 59

Last night, beloved actor Lê Hồng Giang, commonly known by his stage name Giang Còi, passed away after months of battling with cancer.

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The World at Your Fingertips: How Vietnamese Studios Lead the Art of Artisan Keycaps

Although custom keycaps are somewhat of a recent development in Vietnam, some local artisan studios have become key players in making these tech-art fusions that bring the world to your fingertips.

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Vietnam's Art Spaces Find Silver Linings in Moving Online Amid Pandemic

When in February 2020, Đỗ Tường Linh’s exhibition "Foliage III," a celebration of Global South-led art, wrapped up at the Vincom Centre for Contemporary Art, so did most other events in Vietnam’s art ...

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Vietnam's Female Comics Show How to Unapologetically Be Yourself on Stage

In recent years, Vietnamese women have gained a foothold in Vietnam’s comedy scene, despite it largely being dominated by men. But as the industry grows, the evidence of a gender gap seems to be incre...

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Hanoi Indie Band Bluemato Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for First-Ever Music Video

Following the release of their first album “Gió Thổi Mạnh” earlier this year, Bluemato is reaching out to fans and friends again with a crowdfunding campaign to make their first-ever music video for '...

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This New Vietnamese Lo-Fi Video Is Making Us Feel All Sorts of Emotions

After countless hours spent doing assignments alongside the OG Lofi Girl, Vietnamese netizens might find this new study companion an especially poignant addition to their daily routine.

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What Happens When Artists Turn a Fishing Village Into Their Canvas?

Imagine if your home village was suddently transformed into a giant canvas for murals.

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Pháo Drops New MV for TikTok Smash Hit '2 Phút Hơn' Featuring Tyga

The song, which became a massive success thanks to its use in TikTok videos, is getting even more attention with the addition of the Californian rapper.

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Saigoneer Podcast: Vietnam's Massive Outbreak; Acts of Lockdown Kindness

Take a break from doomscrolling and listen to the first Saigoneer Podcast episode in two months.

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On the Idea of Home: Reflections From Another Covid-19 Summer

I’m writing this to remember another Covid summer. Today, Saigon continues the second round of social distancing.

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How An Trần Learns to Embrace the Saxophone and Life in the Limelight

I set up an interview with An Tran at the most awkward time: 11pm on a Sunday.

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Missing Saigon? Live Vicariously Through These Tender Illustrations by a Filipino Artist.

Having lived and worked in Saigon for two and a half years, Daniel Ansel Tingcungco, a Filipino artist, created a collection of paintings illustrating 100 beloved views of the city. The project, title...

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'Thưa Mẹ Con Đi' Producer Nguyễn Lương Hằng on Her Hopes for Vietnam's Indie Cinema

Nguyễn Lương Hằng is Zoom-ing in from Austin, Texas, to a town in northern Italy because she wants to make a film in her native Vietnam. Welcome to the world of independent Asian cinema.

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Vietnamese Designer Pursues Fresh Approach to Making History Known

Self-taught graphic designer Michael Angle is passionate about Vietnam’s history and wants to spread that love to everybody.

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Revisit the Legend of Hoàn Kiếm via Stunning Illustrations by Artist Rồng Phạm

At the heart of Hanoi is Hồ Hoàn Kiếm with a legend that has been told countless times. 

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Horror Flick 'Người Thì Thầm' Bags Awards at International Film Festivals

Another Vietnamese film gets lauded overseas.

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Saigon Artist Đoàn Quốc Takes Watercolor Paintings to Whole New Heights

As one of the few Vietnamese nationals to have been granted the title of International Watercolor Master, young artist Đoàn Quốc is constantly pushing the frontiers of his creativity to paint a new pa...

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Ảo Ảnh: Art Show by Lê Brothers Explores Violence History and Connections

“Ảo Ảnh," or “Illusion," an independent exhibition by the artist duo Lê Brothers, will be running at Mơ Art Space from July 18. The Quang Binh-born, Hue-based artists — Lê Ngọc Thanh and Lê Đức Hải — ...

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For Vietnam's Millennials, Sneakers Reflect American Ideals, Self-Expression and Nostalgia

My memories of sneakers date back to when I was halfway through 7th grade, when a pair of Chuck Taylor All Star 70’s was given to me by my parents to commemorate my good end-of-semester results. The s...

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‘Ethernity’: For Tracy Hyde’s Latest Mark in Tokyo’s Iconic Shoegaze Scene

Despite belonging to the Tokyo shoegaze scene, For Tracy Hyde would rather make you look up at the sky in wonder than down at your feet.