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Through the lens of photographer Pham Thanh Long, random acts of traffic law violations look almost...artistic, as ironic as that may sound.

Recently, a photo series by Facebook user Pham Thanh Long has sparked many conversations on social media thanks to its unique photographic angle. The series centered around Hanoi commuters: carrying bulky cargo, not wearing helmets, hugging each other tightly on bikes, etc.

Long told Zing that this idea was inspired by the view on a pedestrian bridge located in front of his old office: "Whenever I was looking down from the bridge, I could see this particular angle of the road which is very different from other directions. All the bikes were just a few meters below my feet, gliding across the road. It is like taking portraits on a simple backdrop.”

This, however, is not the first time an artist has chosen this unique point of view for their project on Vietnam traffic. In 2016, Dutch photographer Loes Heerink also completed a similar project, except she opted to feature a rather poetic side of the capital: flower vendors.

As for his next project, Long told the news source that he would like to continue the same concept, but with a different point of view, in order to raise more awareness about the issue.

Take a look at Pham Thanh Long's works below:

Carrying food waste.

"Baby" in front.

Avoiding an imaginary flood.

Hand in front.

Urban ninjas.

Trapped by cars.

Moving mountains.

Against the current.

Love in transportation.

Where's the helmet?

Bikes on bike.

Battering ram.


Baby on board.

Connecting 24/7.

These bikes have seen better days.

[Photos via Facebook user Pham Thanh Long]

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