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[Photos] What's Inside Beloved Binh Tay Market's Glorious Comeback?

Binh Tay Market is the central market in the heart of Cho Lon, sitting on the very edge of District 6 along Thap Muoi Street.

First established in the 1880s and built by the French, the original construction was heavily financed by a Chinese merchant known by locals as Quach Dam. Today, Binh Tay remains an important business hub for Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese traders and merchants. The main building alone houses just over 1,500 stalls and sells almost everything imaginable, from candy to makeup and affordable fashion apparel to toiletries.

After an extensive renovation that started in late 2016, Saigoneer took a close look at Binh Tay and its surrounding area on the day it reopened, November 15.

Two shopkeepers tending to their goods. Photo by Nguyen Huu Chien.

An auntie delivering hot cooked food. Photo by Vinxent Nguyen.

The streets surrounding the market are a hive of activity. Photo by Kevin Lee.

It's back to business as usual right after the renovation. Photo by Kevin Lee.

A couple of shopkeepers enjoying their breakfast under a staircase. Photo by Nguyen Huu Chien.

Delivering flower baskets. Photo by Vinxent Nguyen.

One of the many staircases leading up to the market's second floor. Photo by Kevin Lee.

Stocked with goods, the external buildings that fringe the market serve as an extension of the main building. Photo by Vinxent Nguyen.

A man peers out over the busy street below. Photo by Nguyen Huu Chien.

Though not every stall was open on this day, people made themselves comfortable. Photo by Kevin Lee.

Tourists from all over come to Binh Tay Market. Photo by Nguyen Huu Chien.

One of the many shops that sell dried foodstuffs. Photo by Vinxent Nguyen.

Making the morning delivery of joss sticks. Photo by Kevin Lee.

Shops in the immediate vicinity of Binh Tay Market. Photo by Kevin Lee.

[Top photo by Kevin Lee]

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