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This brick-based, open-air living space from Vietnamese MM++ Architects taps traditional construction methods to bring this home into harmony with its surrounding environment. 

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The house, located in Saigon’s Nha Be District, was completed late last year and ignores the neighboring neo-Victorian semi-detached architectural styles, instead opting for native methods that reflect the local climate.

Following the design of typical stilt houses in Southeast Asia, the ground floor kitchen and dining area is bordered on one side by columns and opens up into the garden.

"Plots in Vietnam's urban areas are expensive and quite small," architect Michael Charruault told Dezeen. "The construction ratio is generally high so you need to be creative if you want to keep contact with nature."

"Only a stilt house typology allows you to clear 100 per cent of the plot area on the ground floor, therefore this well-ventilated space is totally usable and balances the fact that the garden is really small," he added.

We've been noticing a lot more structures like this going up in Vietnam over the past few years. Hopefully, the trend is truly taking off.

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