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[Photos] Da Nang Spa Is a Modern-Day Twist on Babylon’s Hanging Gardens

“In this palace he erected very high walks, supported by stone pillars; and by planting what was called a pensile paradise, and replenishing it with all sorts of trees, he rendered the prospect an exact resemblance of a mountainous country.”

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According to ancient scholar Josephus, these are the words Babylonian writer Berossus used to describe the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in 290 BC. While it’s unfair to compare any modern structure to the Garden’s purported epicness, a Da Nang spa designed by Mia Design Studio has revived at least a portion of its spirit.

From the architect: The Pure Spa is an oasis of tranquility and facilitates the 5 star Naman Retreat at Danang, Vietnam. Fifteen stunning treatment rooms are endowed with lush open air gardens, deep soak bathtub and cushioned daybed built for two. Keep fit at the equally sleek health club with gym, meditation and yoga sessions held at the open lounge garden in the still cool mornings. The ground floor contains open spaces with relaxing platforms surrounded by serene lotus ponds and hanging gardens. A true space where all senses are touched and the mind comes to peace…

MIA Design Studio’s ingenious use of natural ventilation keeps the building cool and gives the guest a refreshing experience. With use of local plants each retreat becomes a healing environment where the guest can enjoy a luxurious wellness in privacy.

Different area’s flow smoothly into each other and the beautiful landscape creates a amazing journey into a dream like experience.  The facade is composed by lattice patterns alternated with vertical landscapes who filters the strong tropical sunlight into a pleasant play of light and shadow on the textured walls. Various plants are carefully allocated and become a part of the architectural screens.

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