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Over 5,000 Solar Systems Were Installed in Saigon This Year

Let there be sun!

Viet Nam News reports that 5,485 rooftop solar systems have been installed on buildings in Ho Chi Minh City this year, bringing the metropolis' total to over 11,000.

The city's power company, EVNHCMC, is in the process of encouraging businesses and households to begin using solar power, and is also working to create preferential policies for families wishing to install solar systems.

According to the utility, solar currently accounts for 2% of Saigon's total power generation capacity, a figure it hopes to expand rapidly given the abundant sunshine that the city's climate affords. EVNHCMC has also set up a website with information for those interested in learning more about renewable energy and how to install it.

As a whole, Vietnam is expected to begin facing severe power shortages next year, a critical issue expected to continue through 2023. The government aims to more than double power generation capacity by 2030, a drive that will cost billions of dollars, and renewable energy — especially wind and solar — are expected to play key roles in that expansion.

The country has made huge strides in this sector over the last two years, bringing more solar power online than the rest of Southeast Asia combined, but faces regulatory and transmission challenges that could hamper further explosive growth.

[Photo: Workers install solar panels at the District 4 Children's Center/Nang Luong Sach Vietnam]

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