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Cup Noodle to Release 'Luxury' Shark Fin, Softshell Turtle Flavors in Japan

For only the classiest of junk food consumers, Cup Noodle is rolling out a “premium” line of instant noodles.

The international brand, owned by Nissin Food Products, will debut its first two luxury Cup Noodles in Japan on April 11, reports Asian Correspondent, beginning with the controversial flavors “Luxury Thickness Shark Fin Soup Flavor” and “Luxury Broth Softshell Turtle Soup Flavor”.

In addition to the luxurious price of JPY230 (US$2) per cup – a full JPY50 more than the standard, non-premium Cup Noodles – the company's new noodle line will also come with a gram of collagen in each flavor to thicken the soup. Beyond consistency, the shark fin Cup Noodle will contain Chinese-style broth, oyster sauce and an imitation shark fin made from gelatin.

The softshell turtle flavor, however, is a little more dubious. While eating shark fins and softshell turtles is frowned upon these days, the ingredients in Cup Noodle's turtle-flavored soup include Japanese-style bonito, a ginger-based broth and the questionable “softshell turtle powder” which is made from...softshell turtles, perhaps?

Needless to say, wildlife protection groups are not impressed.

For its part, however, Nissin is enthusiastic about the product launch and plans to market its luxury noodles to senior citizens as well as the cash-strapped university students who usually enjoy its products, reports the Japan Times.

Nissin Foods Holdings spokesman Masashi Kanaya told the Times that the curiosity of the elderly would lead them to the company's luxury Cup Noodles.

“Seniors today are energized both physically and mentally, regardless of their gender,” he said.

The spokesman continued: “Amid deflation in 2011 and 2012, consumers were more likely to buy cheaper products by compromising quality. But such a trend has changed over the past year or two.”

Do what you like but we're sticking to chicken flavor, thanks.

[Photo via Asian Correspondent]

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