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[Photos] 10 Remarkable Black-and-White Shots of Saigon in 1967

Lush bunches of fresh bananas at a market, a street-side merchant selling embroidered artworks to tourists, and Buddhist worshipers praying at a local temple — these Saigon scenes are rather mundane by today’s standards. However, at the time these photos were taken, these were remarkable visual pieces of proof to western audiences that Vietnam had a dynamic side apart from war and poverty.

Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Thanh Tai, the author of this set of images, used to work for US-based news agency United Press International (UPI). Tai’s black-and-white photos of an idyllic Saigon in 1967 is a change from his better-known works during the American War.

Have a gander at Saigon in 1967 below:

A lady takes a stroll on a street downtown with her parasol.

A street-side merchant sells souvenirs to tourists.

A street bún thịt nướng vendor serves lunch to passersby.

An old fortune-teller relaxes while waiting for customers at Lang Ong Ba Chieu.

Two worshipers light incense sticks at Lang Ong Ba Chieu in District 1.

The tower of Xa Loi Pagoda in on Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Street, District 3.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral.

A market kiosk with many bunches of bananas hanging.

A less-developed region of the city with paddy fields.

An overhead view of the Quach Thi Trang Square in downtown Saigon.

[Photos: Nguyen Thanh Tai/UPI via Flickr user manhhai]

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