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[Photos] A Final Look at Binh Tay Market Before Its Renovation

Will a major upcoming renovation affect Binh Tay Market’s distinct Chinese-style architecture?

In this photo collection, courtesy of Zing, photographer Hoang Viet takes a look at District 6’s Binh Tay, one of Saigon’s oldest markets. Last June, the municipal government announced a US$5.35 million plan to fully revamp the facility. It’s unclear how long the renovation project will take, but for many lovers of old Saigon buildings, the renovation is yet another reason to worry, what with the city’s recent decision to bulldoze the Saigon Tax Center and close off the roundabout in front of Ben Thanh Market.

Through Viet’s lens, the 88-year-old market appears almost dreamlike. The photo montage makes use of film-style filters and cold tones to give the usually vibrant bazaar an uncharacteristically solemn mood.

Have a final glance at Binh Tay’s old interior before its renovation commences:

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