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[Video] Meet Saigon's Man of Poetic Photography

In the latest episode of Sai Gon Vi Vu’s documentary series Saigon’s Gentlemen, viewers are given a glimpse into the life of Tao Dan Park’s resident photographer.

 In today’s age of Instagram and iPhones, it’s almost too easy for everyone to be a photographer. With decent lighting and appropriate filters, anyone with a phone can churn out scores of glamorous snapshots to capture memories on the go. Thus, for freelance public photographers like Le Dong, these are trying times when it comes to making a living shooting photos for strangers. Despite this, photography is more than just a means to earn money for Dong, it’s also a life passion that he’s always glad to share with the world.

According to Sai Gon Vi Vu, Dong is very specific in his craft: he only takes landscape photos in Tao Dan. He is always on the lookout for beautiful moments involving passersby, capturing them and giving his lucky subjects free photos. If that’s not enough to brighten anyone’s day, Dong also makes sure to include a poem he has written for the recipient.

Follow Le Dong’s story in this video, courtesy of Sai Gon Vi Vu, below:

[Video courtesy of Sai Gon Vi Vu]

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