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Sleek? Inspiring? Sexy? Slick syllable-massaging? The newest video from Vietnam's rap queen delivers on all fronts.

Suboi's newest single 'Cho Không,' which dropped earlier this week, serves as a testament to the multi-faceted musical talents and charisma that have made her a fan favorite. The song, which was released across all media platforms on May 10, provides the empowering message in Vietnamese that not all good things "fall from the sky for free" as balanced by some good hip hop genre-upending claims that she sometimes doesn't have "enough money for a bowl of bún bò," yet "I'm all sweaty so instant noodles work just fine."

Directed and produced by Sally Tran, Suboi never actually appears in the video. Instead, it consists of a series of colorful cutaways of lucky money envelopes, stop-animation lyrics and shots of easy-on-the-eyes daily objects such as cell-phones, earrings, flowers and ancestral altars.

It's unclear if the song will appear on a soon-to-be-released album, but considering the amount of new material dropped in recent months including the stellar 'N-Sao?' and 'Công,'hip hop fans around the world have cause for anticipation.

Check out the video below:

Video via Suboi's YouTube page.

[Top image via Billboard]

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