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Saigon Artbook Call For Donations

Saigon Artbook is calling for donations to support the launch of the series’ 4th edition.

Each edition introduces the artwork of three artists that live in Saigon. 

We introduce the artists by having an exhibition party where everyone can come to enjoy the art, meet the artists and art patrons and take home a free copy of the Artbook. 

Other than publishing the Artbook and organizing a place for the art community, Saigon Artbook also holds community activities such as painting alley walls, decorating food carts, and school events (each school experiences art in different ways germane to each of our artists’ skills).

The funding raised will be used for production of Edition 4, including: printing, the license, publishing, the book launch event, and community activities.

We need your support for this project so that we can help young Vietnamese people access art and get inspired.

You can make a donation to Saigon Artbook over at

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