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Thai Rapper Eats Mango Sticky Rice During Coachella Set, Wins Our Hearts

Maybe Suboi can eat a plate of cơm tấm during her next performance.

NME reports that the Thai rapper MILLI ate a bowl of mango sticky rice — one of her home country's most famous dishes — during her set at the massive Coachella music festival in California last weekend. 

MILLI, whose full name is Danupha Khanatheerakul, performed as part of the Head In the Clouds Forever show put on by 88rising, the New York-based music company that focuses on promoting Asian American and Asian artists. The performance also featured NIKI, Rich Brian, Warren Hue, CL, Jackson Wang, Hikaru Utada and BIBI.

The Thai rapper's four-song set concluded with a track titled 'Mango Sticky Rice,' during which MILLI pulled out a bowl of the eponymous dish and munched a few bites as she performed.

This display of culinary pride quickly exploded on Thai social media, with the news source adding that the hashtag #khanonieomamuang (Thai for mango sticky rice) was trending on Twitter in the country.

Global Google searches for the delicious specialty also spiked, while The Guardian reported that demand for mango sticky rice in Bangkok has exploded in the aftermath of MILLI's raucous show. 

The 19-year-old also made fun of some western stereotypes of Thailand in her lyrics, referencing both elephants and ping pong, while the Thai government is now considering proposing that mango sticky rice be recognized as a UNESCO heritage item.

[Photo via NME]

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