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Can Tho Launches Cardboard Police Force to Reduce Traffic Violations

Police in Can Tho have devised a basic but brilliant strategy to reduce traffic violations on the city’s streets - cardboard cutouts of themselves.

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The 12 cutouts that mimic the exact height, shape and look of a traffic policeman holding a speed gun can be found at a number of accident and traffic violation hotspots in Can Tho’s Thot Not District.

So far the VND40 million strategy seems to be paying off.

“I was driving quite fast one night. I thought I would be pulled over when I saw a “police” standing with a speed gun. I slowed down anyway and figured out it was not a real cop,” driver Nguyen Van Tuan admitted to VnExpress.

Another Can Tho resident said that his street, once a choice spot for motorbike racing, has become silent at night.

Though he didn’t site any statistics, the city’s captain of Traffic Police told the press that road accidents and traffic violations have decreased since the cutouts went up.

“In addition to our policemen on duty, the cutouts have initially proved successful in reducing violation as well as serving as a “reminder” for driving awareness.”

It will be interesting to see how long this scheme can last as drivers are sure to memorize the locations of the cutout police.

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