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Saigon Offers Workers Highest Wages in Vietnam in 2017: Report

Saigoneers are currently being offered the highest salaries in the country.

Online recruitment portal VietnamWorks recently released a report regarding the country’s human resource landscape with insights into local employees’ job search process and how much employers are offering potential candidates nationwide, as well as in different geographic regions.

Zing reported the salary data was compiled from 4.7 million job applications and some 95,000 job postings on the site in 2017. The results show that workers in Saigon were offered the highest pay in the country: the lowest average that employers offer Saigoneers per month is VND10.3 million (US$454) while the highest average is VND18 million (US$793).

By comparison, on the national level, Vietnamese workers only received about VND6.5 million per month (US$287) in 2017. In 2016, this figure was VND4.2 million (US$184.5).

Surprisingly, workers based in Hanoi only came in fifth in VietnamWorks’ salary report with about VND9.3 million (US$408) per month on average. In between Saigon and Hanoi are Da Nang, Binh Duong, and Bac Ninh, with Da Nang residents making an average of VND10.2 million per month at least, just VND100,000 behind their Saigon counterparts.

While data from the recruitment company may prove helpful in revealing trends in Vietnam’s work market, it also has limitations. As numbers were pulled from the site’s job postings and applications, it doesn’t take into account actual figures after candidates were hired. A considerable portion of jobs also only list the offered salary as “negotiable.”

The findings also unveiled some user patterns when it comes to different job levels. For managerial positions, some 60% of companies are prepared to give candidates above VND22.7 million per month (US$1,000). Around 15% of job seekers at this level were paid more than VND68 million per month (US$3,000).

On the other end of the spectrum, the VietnamWorks' report shows that fresh graduates are very ambitious in their job search: the majority of them look at and apply for jobs with a monthly salary in the VND16-22.7 million range.

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