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100,000 Workers at Saigon Industrial Zones to Get Free WiFi by 2019

Workers at Saigon’s industrial zones can look forward to free WiFi access in the near future thanks to a new program.

Since this July, industrial workers living in District 7 and Thu Duc District have been able to enjoy an internet connection from about 1,000 wireless access points in their neighborhood, reports Tuoi Tre.

The news source added that the service was established by Vinatech JSC, a local tech company. The first phase started in the two above-mentioned districts and will expand to more communities by 2019 to serve approximately 100,000 workers currently living in the city.

The scheme received the nod from Saigon authorities back in March. According to the plan, Vinatech will provide free internet services to employees at the city’s many industrial parks and processing plants. The firm will outfit company-owned dormitories in the area with routers capable of granting network access to 15 users.

So far, most local workers are happy with free connectivity, but some have also reported hiccups during peak periods.

“During busy hours when most workers get home from work, I can barely access certain websites such as YouTube,” Mo Ni, a worker at District 7’s Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, told Tuoi Tre.

However, she also added that the new service has helped her save money. Others who prefer a faster connection still have to pay for their own 3G plan.

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]

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