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VNA Gifts Round-Trip Tickets to Japanese Tourist Swindled by Xích Lô Driver

Oki Toshiyuki, an 83-year-old Japanese tourist, was charged VND2.9 million for an approximately two-kilometer ride.

After the incident made the rounds online, the police tracked down the xích lô driver and the Japanese tourist in question in hopes of making things right, Nguoi Lao Dong reports.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism and Vietnam Airlines then decided to gift Toshiyuki and his Vietnamese daughter-in-law, Le Thuc Anh, a pair of Japan-Vietnam round-trip tickets as a gesture of apology.

According to local media, Toshiyuki traveled to Saigon with his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren to visit the city and his son. On August 3, Toshiyuki rode a xích lô from Ben Thanh Market to his hotel in District 1. After the ride, the Japanese man gave the driver VND500,000, but the driver said the amount was not enough. Before Toshiyuki could get more money out, the xích lô driver deliberately took a few additional bills from Toshiyuki’s wallet and rode away.

Dung, the xích lô driver in question, has penned a letter of apology to the Japanese tourist. Toshiyuki also expressed that he doesn't want to pursue any legal action against Dung when asked by authorities.

[Photo via Bao Giao Thong]

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