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[Photos/Video] Saigon Floods Aren't Over Yet

After Tuesday evening's epic rainstorm (sort of) subsided, Saigon began its return to normal. Traffic jams dissipated, floodwaters receded and we all invested in a good raincoat or, at the very least, an umbrella.

But if you've managed to dry your shoes and carry on with your life since then, consider yourself lucky. For areas like Thu Thiem and Binh Tan District, the floodwater from Tuesday's storm is still very much a problem.

On Wednesday afternoon, nearly 24 hours after the storm began, local residents were still sporting rubber boots and bailing out the ground floors of their homes, according to VN Express.

Inside local houses, belongings were stacked atop tables, beds, shelves and any other high surfaces in sight. This made sleeping difficult, one local woman told VnExpress, since all of her possessions were now taking up space on the bed. Appliances were destroyed by the lingering floodwater, and with electrical outlets submerged, the use of any technology was out of the question.

Some even went so far as to pump the water out of their houses, temporarily resolving the problem, however it later returned.

Elsewhere, motorbikes and cars braved the watery roads of District 2's Thu Thiem area, trying to stay dry as they traveled through the flooding. It's not certain how long it will take before the more affected areas of the city are cleaned up. 

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