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Dong Nguyen: ‘Flappy Bird’ May Fly Again

Rolling Stone recently secured an interview with elusive ‘Flappy Bird’ maker, Dong Nguyen. In the long article, which is well worth reading in its entirety, Nguyen hinted that his epically popular game may make its way back to the Apple and Google Play stores.

Amid reports that he was raking in $50,000/day from in-game ads, Nguyen abruptly pulled his ‘Flappy Bird’ citing its addictive qualities (which were confirmed when he received death threats for removing the app) and constant hounding by the press.

Hundreds of media outlets have attempted to interview Nguyen with little success. Apparently, Rolling Stone was able to convince him to break his silence as the magazine recently published an exclusive interview with Dong on their website (it will also appear in their March 27 issue).

The article is full of interesting titbits, but one statement stood out. When asked if ‘Flappy Bird’ would ever return, Nguyen told Rolling Stone, “I’m considering it.” But if he decided to make the game available to the masses again, it will come with a “warning” – “please take a break.”

We imagine this “warning” will be about as effective as the Maginot Line.


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