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Australian International School Opens its Doors

How do parents choose a school for their child? Considering their impact on an individual’s academic, social and emotional development and the role they play in a person’s life trajectory, finding the right school can be of critical importance. 

Browsing websites, listening to the experiences of friends and family, and comparing metrics like test scores and university placements are all helpful, but they are not substitutes for actually visiting a school. Doing so affords one valuable insight into the feel of the campus, the values the school adheres to, and the overall environment. Attending an Open Day also allows one the opportunity to meet and ask questions of faculty along with their children

Articles advising parents on what to look for in a school suggest seeing a campus in-person when possible and keeping an eye out for positive signs including the happiness and friendliness of teachers, the amount of student artwork on the walls, the availability of comfortable spaces to work and collaborate with peers and up-to-date technologies in the classrooms. Many of these things are impossible to ascertain without a visit. Australian International School (AIS) is providing for such an experience on March 19 with a tour of the campus and time to speak with faculty. 

After being greeted in the recently re-designed lobby, parents will be escorted on a tour by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and admissions to get a glimpse into how the school defines success. AIS takes a holistic approach to education that aims for students to not only be critical thinkers that excel in academic settings as proven via exemplary International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores and university acceptances, but also humans that are eager contributors to a global community with a passion for the arts, athletics, and other extracurriculars. The SLT will give examples of the type of well-rounded young adults that the school strives to develop. 

“What makes a really healthy learning environment is one where students have an input into what that environment looks where they see themselves represented and one where they’ve contributed to spaces to make them work better,” Davina McCarthy, AIS’ Executive Principal told Saigoneer during a visit last year. A tour of the campus makes these efforts exceedingly clear. A multitude of international flags and student projects adorn the walls, a calm garden area invites students to study surrounded by nature, a new recreational area with board games designed with student input fosters peer bonding and a brand new library boasts a plethora of reading materials and the latest technologies. Soon-to-be-unveiled upgrades including a shaded covering over the sports field will also be discussed. 

The most unique aspect of AIS’ campus is its boarding school options. Established within the last two years, it is the first full housing and dining accommodations offered by an international school in Saigon for students whose families may live too far away for daily commutes to be feasible. The tour includes a walk-through of the brand new accommodations and a discussion of the flexible boarding options that meet the varied needs of different families while keeping students safe and providing social stimulation.

Boarding facilities at AIS.

After the tour, families will have an opportunity to meet with admissions and other staff members. In addition to receiving logistical information about registration, they can ask questions about the school’s educational approach, annual calendar, facilities, and curriculum. An increasingly popular topic of discussion is mental wellness. AIS has recently expanded its focus from familiar stress factors such as exam preparation, friendships, and bullies to include self-harm and anxieties caused by the use of digital technologies and the faculty is eager to discuss the ways mental wellness is integrated into the curriculum and all facets of student life. 

“Our school culture sets high expectations and we are ambitious in helping all students to achieve their full potential. If you are looking for a transformative educational experience for your child in a secure and nurturing environment, built on a rich and challenging curriculum, then come and join us,” says Davina McCarthy, Executive Principal of AIS. While her words are inspiring, attending the Open Day in March brings these ideals and principles to life as seeing is believing. 

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