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[Photos] An Open-Plan Abode That Harks Back to Traditional Homes

With seasonal floodwaters no longer reaching the neighborhood, when it came time to rebuild this home, architects opted to abandon the stilts previously used in the area while seeking to retain a traditional atmosphere. 

Thanks to changing weather patterns and infrastructure projects, homes in Dong Thap Province's Hong Ngu City no longer need to be built on stilts despite their proximity to the Mekong River. So when the normal effects of age require a home be replaced there, homeowners are looking to different designs, according to ArchDaily.

While abandoning the region's traditional elevated design, H.a Architects tried to maintain the region's homey vibes via materials and arrangement. Warm wood walls and doors, a tile roof, and brightly colored ceramic wall accents harken back to older days of home construction. The rooms are all built around an open courtyard filled with plants that foster a communal means of appreciating nature as well as privacy from the surrounding street.

New climates and conditions will surely require alterations in home designs in the future, and this Hong Ngu home serves as a good example of how one be simultaneously modern and not out of touch with the surrounding traditions.

Have a look below:

[Photos by Quang Dam via ArchDaily]

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