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[Photos] D2's Okkio Cafe Is an Architectural Homage to Wong Kar-Wai

Today's architecture feature will be familiar to frequent visitors of Thao Dien.

Located on bustling (during normal times) Xuan Thuy Street, this Okkio Cafe location designed by Red5studio is hard to miss thanks to its distinct red facade and wide windows. According to ArchDaily, the red "will not only identify the brand, but also bring out the retro spirit that the construction is aimed at."

Okkio's founders are huge fans of Wong Kar-Wai, and the cafe is inspired by his 2004 romantic drama 2046. "Based on that idea, the building's facade is designed as the train's windows, with the iron bars as the highlight," the description reads. "Moreover, the 'frame in frame' is decorated by the idea of getting the natural light from the windows, the ceilings, etc. straight to the floor."

Saigoneer has visited this cafe a handful of times during the day, and natural light floods the space, creating a comfortable environment with minimal need for artificial lighting until later in the day. The terrazzo bar counter and tabletops add a refined touch, while the green walls that fade into the white ceiling imbue the space with warmth. 

The lighting system uses LED lights that can change color, and "at night, Okkio is going to be warm, romantic and private enough for the customers which the light will mainly focus on the bar corner instead. If people have a chance to observe Okkio in the lively sunset, you will be definitely impressed by the peaceful red building with tons of light moving like a movie from the future that comes back to the past."

Check out Thao Dien's Okkio Cafe below, and get ready for a visit at some point in the future when that's possible again.

[Photos by Đỗ Sỹ via ArchDaily]

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