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[Photos] A Walk on the Streets of Quaint 1966-1967 Da Nang

Like its namesake river, the Han Market remains a bustling destination attracting visitors and casual shoppers to the area today, just as it did decades ago.

Taken over the span of two years, 1966 and 1967, this collection of film photos brings us back to the small-town charm of Da Nang before it became the most dynamic metropolis in Central Vietnam, as we know it today. The photos’ author, Ron Holder, used to be part of the US Navy Support Activity Da Nang, and took these during his time based in the coastal town.

On the streets of Da Nang in the 1960s, áo dài was a mainstay for ladies of all ages; xích lô and xe lam (Lambretta) roamed freely, while personal vehicles were predominantly bicycles. Have a gander at past Da Nang via the shots below:

Khai Dinh Street (now Ong Ich Khiem).

Outside the Da Nang Museum of Cham Scupture.

Doc Lap Avenue (now Bach Dang).

A corner of the Han Market.

A private clinic (left) and a store selling charcoal (right) on Doc Lap Avenue.

A street vendor selling mats.

Carts with miscellaneous electronic devices.

A general store with a range of American canned food.

Row of tailor's on Doc Lap.

A coach ferrying guests between Da Nang and Non Nuoc (Ngu Hanh Mountain).

On Hoang Dieu Street.

Lounges and bars on Thanh Thai Street (now Tran Quoc Toan).

On a boat from Tien Sa Port to central Da Nang.

Along the Han River.

[Photos by Ron Holder via Redsvn]

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