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[Photos] Da Lat's Charming Green Landscapes as Seen in 1969

The mountain escape was a thriving farming area long before the recent boom in organic produce. 

As strict lockdowns play out across Vietnam, the idea of traveling can seem like a distant dream, though moving across the country is infinitely more imaginable than moving back in time. But with the help of collected photos, while we stay safely sequestered in our homes, we can embark on a journey back to 1969.  

This collection of images taken by former US military officer Tom Petersen focuses on Da Lat's farm fields, as well as the central market and famous Cam Ly waterfall. The plethora of greenery depicted, along with the plenitude of flowers, helps explain how it became an agriculture hub today, as well as idyllic vacation destination.

Take a trip back to a less-crowded Da Lat below:

Farming landscape seen from a plane.

Cam Ly waterfall.

A simple path leading to Cam Ly waterfall.

Cam Ly waterfall without a single selfie-stick in sight.

School children hanging out at Cam Ly waterfall. 

Vegetables being grown in the countryside.

Students gathered along the highway.

Drying rice beside the road. 

A beautiful flower bush in the countryside.

Flowers downtown.

A flower shop selling seasonal plants.

Downtown Da Lat market.

The market downtown with hardly any traffic in sight. 

[Photos via RedsVN]

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