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[Photos] A Black-and-White Look at Hoi An From 1930 to 1950

It appears that flooding in Hoi An is a common phenomenon that dates back to at least the 1930s.

While Hanoi and Saigon have received a lot of attention from photographers both in the past and present, it’s uncommon to come across collections of old photos from other localities in Vietnam.

Therefore this album of black-and-white photos, taken by shutterbug Vinh Tan in Hoi An from 1930 to 1950, is a rare treat. Of all the towns and provinces in the country, sleepy Hoi An is probably the only place that has managed to resist most of Vietnam’s developmental pressures.

Most of the houses and buildings documented in Tan’s photos still remain in today’s Hoi An. However, nowadays, the empty streets seen in the snapshots are probably filled with tourists.

Have a gander at life in Hoi An decades ago:

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