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3 of Vietnam's Undersea Internet Cables Are Broken, No Repair Date in Place

If your internet speeds sucked this weekend (and even now), you're not alone, as three of Vietnam's international internet cables are out of commission.

VnExpress reports that an unnamed internet service provider (ISP) representative explained that ruptures have occurred on three submarine cables: the Asia America Gateway (AAG), the Intra Asia (IA) and the SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3).

There has been no official statement on the disruptions, and there is currently no repair timeline in place. The cause of the cable failures is also unknown, though the news source shares that ISPs suspect the recent typhoons which churned through the East Sea may be to blame.

Vietnam currently has six underwater internet cables which connect it to the rest of the world, but the AAG, which has failed multiple times in recent years, makes up 60% of the country's internet access. 

It's anyone's guess when connection speeds will return to normal, so good luck watching the Game of Thrones season finale tonight.

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