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Schools in Phu Quoc Are Being Replaced With Development Projects

The rate of development in Phu Quoc is taking a toll on the city's primary and secondary education school sites.

According to a recent report from Phu Quoc's Department of Education and Training, seven schools have been removed to pave way for new markets, roads and various development projects, Dan Tri reports. The schools set for relocation are currently in Duong Dong Town, Cua Duong and Duong To communes.

The report also lists ten more schools that are going to be shut down so that the island can make different use of their land. Four of the schools are located in Bai Thom Town, a popular tourist spot. The rest are located in Ganh Dau, Ham Ninh, Hon Thom, and Duong Dong towns.

Dan Tri presented the example of Duong Dong 2 Primary School, Phu Quoc's oldest school. Located near Duong Dong Market, the school was shut down in 2012 due to the land being acquired for developing the Duong Dong Market project. The investor of the project only compensated for the school's construction cost and refused to pay for the land or offer any relocation arrangement.

While many new projects have already been announced for the soon-to-be-vacated school sites, relocation solutions for the schools are nowhere to be found. The situation leads to a serious shortage of classrooms in Phu Quoc. Many schools have to cram between 48 to 51 students into a single classroom.

The increasing desire for land is negatively impacting even schools that haven't been told to move. Three primary and secondary education schools in Bai Thom, Ham Ninh, and Ganh Dau, for example, weren't allowed to renovate despite worsening facilities, which has a negative impact on education and training quality.

[Photo via Dan Tri]

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