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At a School in An Giang, Students Must Solve Math Problems for Free WiFi

Finding a WiFi connection in Vietnam is sometimes a vexing problem, literally.

While most public schools in Vietnam either discourage or outright ban phone usage during class time, on the rare chance that WiFi is on offer, students have to jump through various hoops to be able to check their Facebook on campus.

Such is the case of Nguyen Cong Tru High School in An Giang Province in the Mekong Delta, where the road toward free WiFi is paved with mathematical riddles. Facebook user Son Tuan, who’s reportedly a student at the high school, recently shared a few photos of these complicated problems.

According to Tuan, these questions are an initiative by the principal, who wants to encourage his students to “never stop learning in any situation.” To get the WiFi password, they have to solve a math problem posted on the school’s bulletin board; even then, the password will only last one hour until the next riddle.

He added that ever since this was started, they’ve only managed to get the correct answer once, thanks to a mysterious Robin Hood who solved the problem and posted the cheat sheet on the board. Any mathematically inclined Saigoneers can try their hand at the quiz, which was set on October 19, above. According to the question, a, b and c are real numbers occupying the 1-3 range on the number line with a sum of 6. The password is the maximum value of the expression P.


[Photos via Facebook user Son Tuan]

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