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5 Of Vietnam’s Most Beautiful (And Terrifying) Mountain Roads

With both potentially deadly turns and stunning natural beauty, these 5 mountain passes can simultaneously strike awe and fear into the hearts of drivers.

Pha Din Pass - Son La Province, Lai Chau Province

With one end in Son La and the other in Lai Chau, this pass continuously zigzags through 32 kilometers road flanked on one side by rocks and the other by deadly drops.

Photo via Vietnam Visa.


Khau Pha Pass - Yen Bai Province

One of the passes over Khau Pha’s mountaintop – the tallest in Mu Cao Khai, this pass frightens drivers with its steep incline, especially on foggy days since there are absolutely no signs or side barriers.

Photo via Vietnam Visa.

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 O Quy Ho Pass - Lao Cai Province

Running 50 kilometers along the famous Hoang Lien Son Sierra, O Quy Lo is perfect for motorists seeking a challenging drive through a sea of clouds.

Photo via Ppcdn.


Ngoan Muc Pass - Ninh Thuan Province

9 degrees steep and a 18.5 kilometer drive from Ninh Son Valley to Lang Biang Highlands, this pass bears its name well (Ngoan Muc means Epic) with extremely sharp turns and amazing views.

Photo via Yatlat.


Ma Pi Leng Pass - Ha Giang Province

Ma Pi Leng is the king of all passes in Vietnam. Well-known for its 20km of snaking roads through the Dong Van Rock highland (formed between the Devonian and Permian periods), Dong Van ancient town and other sites at a height of 1,200m.

Photo via English3xvn.



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