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Deputy PM Highlights 6 'Nightmares' for Tourists Visiting Vietnam

Last week, Vietnamese Deputy PM, Vu Duc Dam, highlighted six major problems that plague Vietnam’s tourism industry.

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At a break at the National Assembly last Thursday, Vu said that tourists visiting Vietnam are “very scared” of unsafe traffic, dirty food and environment, thieves, beggars and overcharging.

The six “nightmares” as Thanh Nien calls them have undermined Vietnam’s push towards improving services as it competes for tourism dollars with its SE Asian neighbors. According to official statistics, Thailand brings in US$60 billion from tourism each year, while Vietnam lags behind at US$10 billion.

Vu added that while the country needs to improve its infrastructure to better serve tourists, the aforementioned issues could be addressed without spending much money.

Amid stories of predatory coconut vendors, garbage-filled beaches and 12 consecutive months of falling tourism numbers, Vietnamese authorities have tried a number of tactics to boost the country's tourism appeal, from visa waivers to ordering customs officials to improve their attitudes towards international visitors.

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