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Beautiful Hoi An

Vietnam's first truly international port, Hoi An was developed by Chinese and Japanese merchants who believed that the "heart of Asia" lay beneath the small town. While that has yet to be proven, there's no doubt that Hoi An is a unique place - one of those rare instances when beautiful architecture, delicious food and floating lanterns can render you almost blind to the hoards of tourists.

There’s an incredibly warm feeling when walking the streets of this town. Food and art are taken very seriously here and it shows in the quality (here’s looking at you, cau lao). The canals, lanterns and general absence of motorbikes make it a welcome reprieve from the Saigon hustle and bustle.

From my first visit, I quickly made a close personal connection with Hoi An, and I’m not the only one. Over at their blog, Sites-n-Bites, Jen and SiHeng have written a few articles about their trips to Hoi An, the most recent highlighting the aesthetics of the town.

You can find these articles here, here and here!

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