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[Video] Let These Russian Kitesurfers Give You a Tour of Mui Ne

As a destination, Vietnam is sold to travelers in many different ways. Up north, there are nationally protected cultural and historical relics; in central Vietnam, Hue is packed with the country's best food and Phong Nha takes the prize for most awe-inspiring landscapes. When it comes to our neck of the woods, the south is crawling with beachgoers, who take to the shores of Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Phan Thiet, Ho Tram and many more.

No one, however, would go so far as to bill Vietnam as a water sports destination, which is what makes Mui Ne so unique. The sleepy stretch of coastline east of Phan Thiet is already pretty well-known in the kitesurfing world thanks to its strong breeze and powerful waves, but even so that reputation rarely seems to move beyond water sport circles.

The following video by Vimeo user Anton Yakovlev, however, does a stellar job of introducing Vietnam's best kitesurfing destination on film. By combining epic on-the-water shots with slow-motion clips of life on land, Yakovlev and the Russian pro kitesurfers he films create an ultra-cool portrait of Mui Ne that is distinctly Vietnamese.

Take a look below:

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