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[Video] Take a Mind-Blowing Tour of Myanmar's Capital

Naypyidaw is a strange place.

The secluded Burmese capital was built in secret, 300 kilometers from Yangon, about a decade ago to the tune of US$4 billion, according to The Guardian. Both electricity and WiFi are abundant. There are no morning traffic jams on its 20-lane highway. In short, it sounds like paradise.

Except for one thing: Naypyidaw is also among the most secretive capital cities in the world. Its vast parliamentary complex grounds are bordered by an actual moat, and even the slightest misbehavior will land you in jail. In 2006, two journalists were sentenced to three years in prison for simply photographing the new capital.

Though there is no official reason as to why Naypyidaw was constructed where it is – or at all, really – rumors suggest the seat of national government was built in a remote location following the recommendation of an astrologer, or perhaps just out of fear of invasion. Some believe the capital's 20-lane highway is actually a runway for airplanes to evacuate in the event of any political turmoil.

All that said, we're not sure how the folks at Coconuts TV managed to gain access to Naypyidaw's skies, but the resulting video is a fascinating look into the Burmese capital. The video beow features massive, immaculate government buildings are laid out across the sprawling city. A vast, green countryside stretches into the distance and Naypyidaw's streets are virtually empty.

While all this makes for some beautiful footage of the capital, it's best to enjoy the following video while you can: according to The Irrawaddy, Myanmar's Department of Civil Aviation is at work on a policy to regulate drone usage in the country, banning the flying cameras from sensitive areas, including military bases and, most likely, all of Naypyidaw. While there is no timeline on the law just yet, it's likely we won't see another Naypyidaw drone video for a long time. Take a tour of the Burmese capital below:

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