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[Video] Travel Through Myanmar in 9 Stunning Minutes

These days, the internet is home to about a zillion travel videos, most of which feature a heavily edited, heavily soundtracked version of some millenial's gap year journey through Southeast Asia. While it's easy to roll your eyes at these, every now and again we come across a video that ticks several of the above boxes and yet still manages to hold our attention because it's just that good.

Enter Vimeo user Paul Wex and his nine-minute travelogue through Myanmar. Though Wex's short is the epitome of a Southeast Asia travel video – of which, in an age of GoPros and affordable DSLRs, we've seen many – the filmmaker does such a masterful job of harnessing the region's frenetic pace that you're still captivated by the time the credits roll. Whether it's the chaos of a local market or a bustling train station, a studying schoolgirl or a monk in prayer, Wex slows down these everyday moments to bring us Myanmar's best.

Take a gander below:

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