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[Video] One Traveler's Mind-Bending 3D Images of Southeast Asia

When photographer Garret Suhrie packed his bags and bought a ticket to Southeast Asia, he had plans to make a travel video, something more and more travelers seem to be into these days.

But while Suhrie did what many Southeast Asian backpackers do, forking over a few hundred bucks for a crappy motorbike and hitting the road, his resulting Vimeo video is in a class of its own. Covering a 6,000-kilometer trip through Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and China, Suhrie managed to capture everyday scenes from around the region in a new way.

Dubbed The Emerald Triangle, Suhrie's video features photographs which have been stitched together to create 3D moving stills, a pretty mind-bending phenomenon. A handful of video clips and timelapses also make it into the video, but Suhrie's most impressive feat is his stark, stunning images which come together to form a fuller picture of Southeast Asia.

Check out the video below:


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