BackStories » Asia » [Photos] "Marlboro Boys" Captures The Disturbing Trend Of Underage Smoking In Indonesia

Smoking may be a major public health issue in Vietnam, but in Indonesia, the deadly habit has been taken up by the country’s youth, some of who are taking their first drags at the age of 4.

Canadian photographer, Michelle Siu, recently traveled to Indonesia to document this disturbing trend which seems to be ignored not only by the government, but many adults.

Tobacco production in the country is a major source of revenue for the government and what few regulations exist are barley enforced, creating an environment of tacit acceptance of the habit.

“They inhale and exhale like old men that have been smoking for years – some of them have been smoking two packs a day since they were little kids,” Siu told Time Magazine.

This makes Vietnam’s battle with rising obesity rates among its young look like child’s play.

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