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[Photos] Meet The Families Who Live In Bangkok's Airplane Graveyard

In a city with rising rent prices and limited space, three Bangkok families are living in the husks of decommissioned commercial jets in the capital's eastern Ramkhampaeng neighborhood.

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According to Asian Correspondent, most of the residents in Bangkok's “airplane graveyard” earn only a few dollars a day collecting garbage and scrap metal. As a result, proper housing is a distant reality for these vulnerable families. Instead, the gutted planes which take up this private lot are easily accessible and infinitely better than living on the street.

Still, life in the airplane graveyard isn't exactly comfortable. With no electricity or running water, the planes provide only minimal protection from the elements. Residents sleep on mats on the airplane floors and the planes, whose parts are sold piecemeal, remain out in the open.

These photos, taken by Taylor Weidman, a photojournalist and Bangkok resident, highlight the growing wealth divide in the Thai capital, where thousands of Bangkok residents live in abject poverty.

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