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[Video] Massive "Komodo Dragons" Are Crawling Through Bangkok's Sewers

Though Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis, parts of the city have proved to be excellent incubators for wildlife.

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Earlier this month, tourist John Hernandez was visiting the Thai capital and peered through a grate in the street only to find a massive lizard waddling through the sewer below.

“I was outside of a temple in downtown Bangkok and people were screaming and pointing into the sewer. There it was. I got the video to prove it!” wrote Hernandez, in the video’s description.

In his Reddit post, Hernandez wrote that local told him that the komodo dragons can often be seen hunting for rats in packs.

However, a number of Reddit users pointed out that the lizard is probably a water monitor, not a komodo dragon as Hernandez suggested.

"Komodos can eat half a goat whole, so dining on rats in the sewers would not be enough. They're extremely dangerous animals and would be taken far more seriously than folks in the video seem to," Redditor justcauseofit wrote.

Either way, we’re thankful that the scariest animals that call Saigon's sewers home are fish.

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