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A Vietnamese Web Series Just Made YouTube's Top 10 Trending Videos of 2018

An episode of a Vietnamese web drama made the list alongside YouTube's most trending videos such as those of the Walmart yodeling kid, Kylie Jenner pregnancy announcement and World Cup match highlight.

With 62 million views in just seven months since its release, the sixth episode of Vietnamese web comedy-drama Nguoi Trong Giang Ho has made YouTube's global list of top 10 trending videos of the year, Tuoi Tre reports. You can take a look at the full list here.

Nguoi Trong Giang Ho is written and directed by Lam Chan Khang, a Vietnamese pop singer. While Khang isn't a well-known name on Vietnam's pop music charts, his music has garnered a large following from audiences living in provinces in the Mekong Delta and the central part of Vietnam. The episode is a whopping one-hour-and-53-minute video released in May this year.

Lam Chan Khang's YouTube presence also has a big following: his account has over two million subscribers and the fifth episode of Nguoi Trong Giang Ho released in 2017 has over 200 million views, an impressive following considering each episode is at least one hour long.

Videos also featured in the list include Kylie Jenner's video dedicated to her daughter, a video of a kid yodeling in Walmart, a football match highlight, a video of two people announcing their breakup, a video explaining the science behind the "Yanny vs. Laurel" debacle, an episode of a The Karate Kid-inspired web drama, a trick shot video, a video from an Indian Youtuber and a video of two guys building a swimming pool.

According to YouTube, the "Top 10 Trending Video" ranking is determined by a combination of views, likes, shares, related search queries, the number of parodies, remixes, and reactions.

If you have 90 minutes to spare, have a look at Vietnam's top trending video of 2018, which places 10th in the world top trending list:

[Video via YouTube user KhangProFilm

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