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[Videos] Get up Close and Personal to Hanoi's Myriad of Urban Textures

To walk through Hanoi is to move simultaneously forwards and backwards in time.

Recipes handed down for generations are enjoyed next to trendy bubble-tea shops selling the lastest beverage craze. New motorbikes zip past the towering vestiges of old empires. Traditional kites are made with synthetic materials. A ride over a centuries-old bridge can take one to a hip-hop concert just blocks away from where a train rumbles through a quaint neighborhood that recently became a hipster hotspot

This coalescence of eras, influences and customs is captured in a short film created by Claraboia Filmes, a Brazilian video production team. Shots reverse and speed-up, spin around and slow down as if mirroring the ways one processes Hanoi. Nothing is static, nothing is linear, nothing is without a history or a future.  

Have a look below:

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