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Six-Minute Film Depicts Enchanting Landscapes Of Southeast Asia

Soren Nielsen and Victoria Rivera's six-minute film opens with a question: “When did we stop walking if it's what makes us human in the first place?”

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Accompanied by vivid snapshots of local life in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysian Borneo, the filmmaking duo – who traveled through Southeast Asia with a bag of camera gear in tow – weave a score of haunting, ethereal music with the sounds of Southeast Asia, from religious calls to rumbling traffic. Every now and then, the calm, measured words of a female voice come through, urging travelers to explore the world around them.

“It's something we could spend a lifetime waiting for,” she says. “Or we could stand up and go, get on a train, even if we don't know exactly where it's going.”

The resulting video is an entrancing look at Southeast Asia, filled with vibrant details and familiar scenes. Around three minutes, Vietnam announces itself in a parade of motorbikes and street vendors, neon lights and throngs of people, however the film carries on with a healthy balance of bustling urban centers and peaceful nature.

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