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[Photos] A Walk Down Dong Khanh Boulevard in Old Saigon's Cho Lon

Ask anyone who has ever set foot in Saigon and they have undoubtedly heard of Cho Lon. Spanning the western half of District 5 and a few neighborhoods in Districts 6 and 11, the quarter has been one of the most significant hubs of trading and heritage in the city for more than two centuries.

Founded in 1778 as a settlement and market complex by Saigon's Chinese community, Cho Lon grew to encompass more businesses, including Binh Tay Market, and became a city in its own right in 1879. Today, Cho Lon is part of Saigon and no longer has an official name, but its status as a historic, prosperous commercial center still remains.

The collection of photos below, courtesy of Flickr user manhhai, presents Saigon’s Chinese quarter in all of its mid-20th century glory. Take a look to see how much the area has changed over the years:

[Photo via Flickr user manhhai]

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