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[Photos] Local Artists Create Colorful, Lively Traffic Safety Illustrations

A group of local artists has created a traffic safety project which uses colorful illustrations to educate the public on how to drive properly.

Tuoi Tre reports that eight artists, who go by Eight Reborn (8R), made the pictures in response to an initiative from the local chapter of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union which called for youths to help improve the city's traffic culture.

The project includes 12 illustrations which encourage people to follow traffic laws and use public transportation. Following the theme 'Traffic Safety - Happiness for All,' the group calls on members of the public to protect both their health and the health of everyone around them, the news source shares.

The group of artists told Tuoi Tre that they want to bring youthful energy to the traditional messages which promote traffic safety in Vietnam.

Check out 8R's lively traffic safety illustrations below:

Traffic Safety – Happiness for All.

Drive in your designated lane.

Running the yellow light may cost you your life.

Pavements are for pedestrians.

No driving after drinking.

No underage driving.

Be a good parent – have your kid wear a helmet.

No mobile phone use while driving.


Saving one second may mean losing one life.

Don’t carry more passengers than allowed.

Take the bus for a weather-proof experience.

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