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Glee's Vietnam Remake to Premiere This August Amid Online Controversy

'Gleeks' in Vietnam have mixed feelings about the remake of the popular American musical show Glee.

Ever since the open casting call for the show was announced this May, news about the Vietnamese rendition of the program has stirred excitement on social media, Zing reports.

After the official cast was announced earlier this week, many netizens are now doubting the show's quality. The roster features a number of popular Vietnamese celebrities, many of whom rose to stardom through singing, modeling or vlogging.

Fans of the original show, however, are not satisfied. Some doubt whether the chosen actors will be able to fulfill their assigned roles, while others are concerned about the producers' ability to represent sensitive issues and deliver Glee’s messages in a Vietnamese context.

"What makes Glee meaningful is how different characters of many backgrounds overcome social prejudice by coming together through music. Will the cast be able to deliver this? Furthermore, the actors must be able to sing and dance very well, and yet we end up with these selections," Zing cites netizen Alex Doan said in Vietnamese.

The show’s official fan page says that the adaptation will feature some changes to stay relevant to local culture. This includes "friendship, love, teacher-student dynamics and other problems faced by teenagers, such as complicated relationships, soul-searching journeys, differences in class and wealth and gender issues."

I hope Glee lovers will welcome the changes, director Nguyen Phan Quang Binh told VnExpress.

The first season is scheduled to be released on YouTube this August, with 22 episodes in total.

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